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This site is the home for all things SoS Juice and 'Food Fight'.

SOS Juice is a revenue-generating nonprofit that sells organic juice, smoothies, tonics, and elixers at farmers markets, pop-up juice bar locations, and via deliveries and pick-up locations. We also do community food justice, health equity, and spiritual liberation events every last Thursday at United Roots Oakland.

'Food Fight' is a hip-hop music video produced by Ben Zolno from New Message Media, Earth Amplified, and Stic.Man from Dead Prez.

It's educational, funny, and gangsta. It's a call to action. 


SOS Juice, in which the SOS stands for 'System out of our System',  began in Jan 2012 as a monthly food justice, health equity, and spiritual liberation event, inspired by:

Indigenous wisdom and sacred ceremony                 The Black Panther's Free Breakfast Program

       The Green Jobs Movement                        The Global Environment, Climate, & Food Justice Movements

                   Veganism                                                                                      Occupy

These events have been powerful and have featured acclaimed artist, national speakers, and urban healers. However, I saw that in order for a deeper healing and transformation to happen, SOS Juice had to become an organization that could provide jobs, access to healthier lifestyles, and a cultural shift around food, health, and sustainability. 

These realizations prompted us to go to the market. SOS juice is for everyone with a stomach. Customers not only improve their own health, getting a good dose of their daily requirements of fruit and veggies in a cup, but also improve the health of communities impacted by poverty and the lack of access to healthy food and education. 

We create health equity in the midst of a growing demand for health foods, like fresh juice and superfood smoothies. When a person buys a juice from us, it directly supports juice cleanses, nutrition education, and urban farming in low-income communities.


Overall, SOS Juice:   

                          Promotes health and nutritional education

                         Supports sustainable agriculture and organic farmers

                         Enacts social composting: green career paths for youth and formerly incarcerated



Though our SOS Juice Indigogo Campaign ended, you can still support! To donate click here. For all other inquiries or feedback, click here.