SoS Juice

Power the People

This site is the home for all things SoS Juice and 'Food Fight'.

SOS Juice is a revenue-generating nonprofit that sells organic juice, smoothies, tonics, and elixers at farmers markets, pop-up juice bar locations, and via deliveries and pick-up locations. We also do community food justice, health equity, and spiritual liberation events every last Thursday at United Roots Oakland.

'Food Fight' is a hip-hop music video produced by Ben Zolno from New Message Media, Earth Amplified, and Stic.Man from Dead Prez.

It's educational, funny, and gangsta. It's a call to action. 

SOS  juice also supports food businesses, creating commercial kitchens focused on food recovery.

We work with new co-op commercial kitchens and/or create a network of existing kitchens able to wash, refrigerate, and prepare food to be sold. This is especially important for entrepreneurs in the expanding farmer's market and food truck business, and organizations that forage, salvage, and/or redistribute food from waste streams. 


We already have a few business on board to donate their food bi-products, and churches, for example, who are able to offer certain hours of operation and refrigeration for this effort.

Phat Beets, an ally food justice organization, is apart of a Community Kitchen Co-op called Crossroads Cafe, that is a base for products made from farmers who want to produce food to be sold and/or prepared via the kitchen.  

Oakland Peace Center, formerly known as First Christian Church, has opened its kitchen so that we can store food and prepare our juices that we make for markets, feasts and cleanses.